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[entry 14] beautiful disaster [1/2]

title: beautiful disaster
author: anonymous until reveals
pairing/s: baekhyun/chanyeol
genre: fluff, romance
length: 10,358 / twoshot
rating: pg

Baekhyun had always been a sucker for romance, happy endings and happily ever afters. He had always believed in destiny, true love and soulmates. He had always seen himself walking down the aisle to marry his one true love, yet now he’s running for his life to go to the church, not to get married to the one he loves but to stop the one he loves from getting married.

Being a hopeless romantic, Baekhyun had already promised himself to get married to Kris when they got together. You couldn’t blame the kid though, Kris was his first kiss, his first love, and his first boyfriend. Their relationship started blissfully, like all other starting couples. Kris was everything he could ask for, sweet, caring, and even offered Baekhyun to live with him on their first anniversary, which the latter happily obliged. He thought that he had already found the perfect one for him, but he thought wrong.

Their relationship went smoothly as they lived together in Kris’ apartment, but Kris started to be so cold and distant to him for weeks and Baekhyun just woke up one day and his boyfriend was nowhere to be found. Baekhyun was so worried and scared at the same time, he doesn’t know what to believe in until his bestfriend Jongdae texted him that Kris was getting married to a girl. So here he was, running as fast as he could to fight for his love, to stop Kris’ wedding, his boyfriend’s wedding, Kris, his love, getting married, but not to him.

Just the mere thought of it acts like a big knife piercing Baekhyun’s heart. The thought of seeing Kris getting married to another stings his eyes so much that tears won’t stop coming out and his lungs out of air that makes it so hard for him to breathe.

After running for how long, he finally reached the church. He wasted no time of opening the doors.

I’m going to fight for my love for you Kris

“……. Do you accept Jessica Jung as your lawfully wedded wife?”


“Stop! You can’t marry her! Don’t you remember you promised me forever? How could you just leave me hanging after I gave my all to you! You can’t just throw away our love! You can’t!”

The world suddenly stopped as Baekhyun cried his heart out. He was sobbing uncontrollably, eyeliner already smudged but he couldn’t really care because this was for Kris and-


All eyes were on him right now. The visitors, the bride and the groom. The groom. Who was definitely NOT Kris.

Baekhyun’s tears suddenly stopped from flowing out of his eyes and this made his vision clearer than ever to realize that the groom standing at the altar was definitely not his Kris, maybe a little bit alike with his height. He could not take the heartbreak and pure embarrassment anymore with what he just gotten himself into so he did what he thought would be the best solution for him, to run away.


Baekhyun stopped in his tracks when a deep voice suddenly shouted. He turned his head to the source of the voice, only to find the groom who was kind of running into him, now only centimeters apart. He wasn’t sure and he was absolutely confused and scared at the same time at what would the groom do to him, for actually crashing into the wedding, making a scene and ruining the important event.

He really didn’t expect what happened next. The groom grabbed his arm and ran away with him. WITH HIM. Baekhyun was totally confused as to what was really happening and he couldn’t even get a grasp of it.

After a few minutes, they’ve reached as what he assumed as the groom’s car. He just stared blankly at it, not knowing what to do because he’s still in a dazed state, catching his breath after running for so long, and also amused because hell, the car was a freaking Ferrari, which made him conclude that the groom was filthy rich.

“Hey aren’t you going to come in babe?” Baekhyun was pulled out of his reverie at the groom’s words. “W-what? D-did you just say babe?”, Baekhyun retorded, chinky eyes glaring at the groom. “Yeah what’s wrong with that, huh? You know what, just get in the car and we’ll talk about this later okay?”, said the groom with his eyes slightly pleading, and Baekhyun somehow found it adorable (not that he would ever say it out loud) so he just complied with the giant groom’s request (even though Kris is more of a giant than this guy, Baekhyun thought.)

The ride was painfully quiet and awkward for Baekhyun. He doesn’t even know where would the giant groom take him, and that made him want to scream but he’s kinda scared of what he could do to him, considering he’s filthy rich.

Baekhyun sighed in relief when the groom parked the car in front of a restaurant, because his stomach was already grumbling from having not eaten since morning, combined with the running and crying, that made him so hungry and exhausted.

They haven’t spoken a word to each other until they’ve reached the table. The other customers of the restaurant were eyeing them suspiciously, because the tall one was wearing a wedding suit while the small one was wearing slightly worn out clothes, with smudged eyeliner all over his almond shaped eyes.

“Just don’t mind them.”, the giant suddenly whispered into Baekhyun’s ear which gave him goosebumps all over.

Minutes later, the waiter already went up to them to take their orders, which made Baekhyun hesitate if he should order to his heart’s content. The giant, as if sensing the smaller’s thoughts, suddenly spoke, “You can order what you want, the bill’s on me. Consider this as my treat for you.” Baekhyun was surprised with the giant’s words. Why would he treat me when I ruined his wedding?

“Uhm… excuse me ahjussi? I’ve been wanting to ask why did you go with me and treat me when I was the one who totally crashed into your supposed to be wedding?” The giant chuckled at Baekhyun’s question, set of pearly whites exposed, which stunned Baekhyun.

“I thought you’d never ask. First of all, I’m not ahjussi okay, I’m Chanyeol. Park Chanyeol. Second, I’m-“

Chanyeol was interrupted from his speech when their food was already brought into their table. He couldn’t help to find the smaller one cute, like a puppy, while diving into the food with so much delight, as if he hadn’t eaten for days.

“Hey, you’re going too fast! No one’s running after you, and you’ll get indigestion if you’ll keep doing that.”, Chanyeol playfully said, catching Baekhyun’s attention. Baekhyun just stared at him and after realizing that he looked like a pig ravishing the food, he slowed down in eating.

They ate in comfortable silence and after a while, Chanyeol suddenly spoke, “So, what’s your name by the way?”

“Uhm… I’m Baekhyun. B-byun Baekhyun.”, Baekhyun answered, voice slightly faltering due to his hesitancy in giving his name to a stranger.

“Oh, okay so Baekhyun, as what I was saying a while ago, I did this to thank you for crashing into my wedding. I didn’t really want to get married and I was just forced by my parents for the sake of our company so when you suddenly bursted out of the church doors, I was really relieved. I thought I wouldn’t escape that hell of a wedding but thanks to you, I’m now free.”

“I don’t really know how to respond to this but t-thank you, for you know, saving me from great shame on your wedding and treating me here.”, Baekhyun responded, sporting a shy smile at Chanyeol, which was responded by a smile back, and it looked like a sincere smile for Baekhyun which made his heart skipped a beat so he just looked down and continued diving into his food.

After Chanyeol paid for their food, they went back into the car and Baekhyun wasn’t sure anymore if he should still talk to Chanyeol, adding the fact that he doesn’t know where would they go next. He had a mental argument with himself before he mustered up the courage to speak.

“Ch-chanyeol-ssi, w-where are we going?”, Baekhyun nervously asked.

“To my house”

“Excuse me?”

“We’re going to my house. What’s the matter with that?”

Baekhyun started to become more nervous as the words struck him. Why would he bring me to his house? The thought of going to this stranger’s house scared the life out of Baekhyun. He wasn’t sure at what could this stranger do to him.

“Hey, are you spacing out?”

Baekhyun was cut from his scared thoughts by Chanyeol, who still looked relaxed, which only made Baekhyun more scared.

“W-why do I need to be in your house?”, he stuttered.

“Of course, you need to be in my house silly, you’re my babe right? So we need to live together.”

“WHAT?!?! L-LIVE TOGETHER?!??!?!! ARE YOU SERIOUS???” Baekhyun shouted that Chanyeol’s eardrums almost shattered.

It seemed like all the blood flowing in Baekhyun’s body drained when he heard Chanyeol’s answer. He couldn’t help to go hysterical because hell, why does he need to live with that stranger who just called him his babe?

“Hey ! Calm down Byun Babe! If you’re thinking that I want to live with you then you’re 100% wrong because I’m not gay and I don’t wanna have any relations with peasants but I’m really desperate and you’re the only one who could help me out so please just cooperate with me okay?”, Chanyeol said while making puppy eyes at Baekhyun.

Baekhyun was already fuming with Chanyeol’s words and he couldn’t control himself anymore from defending himself. “Did you just say peasant? How dare you say that! Not just because you’re rich you could just say such hurtful words to us poor you-“

“Would you stop being such a pussy? You know what, I have a great offer to you Byun Babe, I’ll pay you double or triple or how much you want if you’ll live with me and pretend to be my boyfriend.” Chanyeol said, who was now obviously pissed that he already gave up on sporting his puppy eyed look. “What?!? First I need to live with you and then now you want me to pretend as your boyfriend? You’re really insane Park Chanyeol.”

“Excuse you Byun Babe but this is Korea's hottest bachelor Park Chanyeol offering you to live with me while all the other girls out there are dying just to have me, you’re the one who’s insane here.”,

Chanyeol retorded boastfully.

Baekhyun just couldn’t believe what was happening to him. His boyfriend just left him to get married with somebody else, he crashed into the wrong wedding and now he’s asked to live with a stranger and be his boyfriend. He mentally cursed at himself for being such an idiot and dragging his poor ass into this deep shit. Could this day get even worse?

Chanyeol, who was still driving, was smirking to himself as he enjoyed sneaking glances at the midget, seeing him struggle with his inner thoughts.

I’m sure you’ll say yes to me Byun Babe

After a few minutes of silence ((and Baekhyun’s inner turmoil)), Baekhyun broke the ice. “You know what, just stop the car.”


“Just stop the car.”

“I’m not deaf Byun, but what do you mean by stop the car? We’re in the middle of a highway for fuck’s sake! Don’t tell me that you and your idiotic mind have decided to turn down my offer and be a beggar instead of being my boyfriend?” Chanyeol hissed, which was getting into Baekhyun’s nerves.

“For your information Mr. Park Chanyeol, I, Byun Baekhyun, would rather be a beggar than be your boyfriend so could you please stop the car because I cannot stand any longer with you.”

“Wow, you’re stealing my line babe! I should be the one saying that to you! So you want me to stop the car huh? Fine! Well I’d be more than glad to get you out of my car!” Chanyeol shouted, suddenly stopping the car. “Now get out.” He said whilst unlocking the door and shoving Baekhyun out.

“Hey! Can you stop shoving me out I’ll go okay!” Baekhyun retorded, straightening himself out in the process. Chanyeol just glared at him and drove away fast, leaving Baekhyun alone in the middle of a highway.

“That bastard” Baekhyun muttered under his breath. “How could he be so bipolar? Oh yeah, he was just acting so nice and kind to me because he wanted something from me. Right, he’s one selfish bipolar arrogant bastard. I never thought that giant would actually leave me here in the middle of this highway.

How could I go home with this?” Baekhyun pulled his hair out of frustration. He continued walking on the side of the highway and minutes later, he spotted Chanyeol’s Ferrari coming into his way. His face unconsciously brightened up at the sight of it.

Wow I never thought this giant would still have a heart to come back for me

“Yah! Byun Babe! Come over here!”, Chanyeol shouted at Baekhyun’s direction. Baekhyun pretended for a while that he wasn’t going to Chanyeol but then his legs and feet were about to give up from all the running and walking so he decided to dash up the giant’s car. He was about to open the car’s door when he realized it was locked.

“Excuse me Byun Babe, sorry to get your hopes up but I didn’t come back here for you. I just forgot to give you this.”, Chanyeol said then shove something forcefully into Baekhyun’s hand. “That’s my calling card, call me when you realize that you need me in your life. Bye Byun Babe~” he singsang then winked at Baekhyun before driving away.

Baekhyun stared in disgust as the giant’s car drove off. Stupid Kris. Stupid wedding. Stupid Ferrari.

Stupid Chanyeol. Stupid world.

When he got home after a death march, he was deadly tired that he barely noticed that he had a message on his phone.

From: Kim Jong-gay


Baekkie I‘m so sorry! I’ve given you the wrong church at Kris’ wedding! I’m so sorry Baekkie~ Please forgive me ; A ;

“This is really the worst day of my life ever.”

It has been already two weeks since Baekhyun’s “worst day” and he looked like a living dead. Large dark circles under his bloodshot eyes, disheveled hair and wrinkled clothes. He couldn’t even eat proper meals anymore not only because he’s been depressed, but also because he’s been running out of money. It doesn’t really help when his boss came up to him one day and said, “I think you need to find a new job Mr. Byun.”

Baekhyun didn’t really expect it when he came home on a stressful job hunting on Thursday only to see the landlady of the apartment standing outside his door, waiting for him. To be honest, the last person he wanted to see right now, aside from Kris (and maybe Chanyeol as well), was the landlady. He doesn’t really want to see her because the sight of the landlady only means one thing for him: RENT. And this one thing is what he has been fearing of. The landlady was in her mid-40s, not that old but she could act like one when it comes to paying rent, that made Baekhyun scared of her. When she was already in his line of sight, Baekhyun opted to run but the heavens’ really not with him these days as the landlady already caught saw him going home to his unit.

“Oh! Mr. Byun! I’m glad you’re finally here. I’ve been waiting for you for quite a while.” Mrs. Choi, the landlady said, with a smile on her face, which made Baekhyun cringe internally knowing it was a fake one.

“Uhm He-hello Mrs. Choi”, Baekhyun replied. He really just wanted to be invisible right now because he was really sure that Mrs. Choi’s appearance would just bring another misfortune in his life. And he really wasn’t wrong when the landlady suddenly spoke, “Mr. Byun, I have a lot of things to do so I would just make this short for you. I’m so sorry but you can’t stay in this apartment anymore because you haven’t paid your rent for a month now and you know that I’m very strict when it comes to rent so I couldn’t do anything about it. If you would pay your rent now with interest then you could still stay here.”

“B-but Mrs. Choi could you please give me a few days more I promise I'll-”

“I’m so sorry Mr. Byun but I really couldn’t do anything for you anymore. Just please leave before morning comes before I kick you out myself.”

Baekhyun just sighed in defeat, staring helplessly at the ground until the landlady’s figure was out of sight.

If Baekhyun could do only one thing right at this moment, he would really just turn back time. He would just go back to the time when he was still the innocent Bucheon Boy, who was happy and contented living in a small house with his family. Then he wouldn’t have met Kris, the man who had stolen his heart only to have it crushed into pieces.

Kris. Just thinking of the name itself already brought bitterness to his tongue. He still couldn’t believe that the person he had trusted the most would even do this to him. He really felt betrayed. He could still take it if Kris had just asked him for a break-up, or maybe at least had explained to him everything before he left. But no, the bastard just flew away without a word and suddenly he got married to a woman. What a total jerk.

Before tears would start to pool on his eyes again, Baekhyun stopped himself from thinking about Kris because he still had a lot of things to think about other than that jerk. He started to pack his things, and he didn’t have a hard time doing so because he only had a few things with him when he had moved here. He had wanted to just pile all of Kris’ clothings and burn them all, but that would be a waste of time so he just packed more like shoved all in Kris’ luggage, while muttering curses all dedicated to his ex.

Where would I go now? This was Baekhyun’s primary concern for now. He really didn’t know where to go. Of course the first option that was on his mind was to go back to his parent’s house in Bucheon, but remembering that he didn’t even have enough money to buy himself a decent meal, he crossed the thought out of his head. He also considered crashing in to Jongdae’s place, but he knew that Jongdae wouldn’t let him barge in because they wouldn’t fit in his small apartment.

He was about to take every picture of Kris and him on the bedside table away when a card fell on the floor. He looked at it contemplatively after picking it up, as if it was very familiar to him. And then it clicked him

Park Chanyeol

It was the calling card that Chanyeol gave him on his worst day. How could he forget?

You know what, I have a great offer to you Byun Babe, I’ll pay you double or triple or how much you want if you’ll live with me and pretend to be my boyfriend.

The words of Park Chanyeol suddenly rang in his mind again, as if it wasn’t enough, the numbers on his calling card were like already taunting him to dial the number and call the bastard.

Baekhyun had then believed that desperate times call for desperate measures.

Chanyeol had been cooped up in his penthouse ever since he got off from the wedding two weeks ago. He wasn't answering any of the calls from his family because he knew they would just shout at him at how much of a bastard he was for leaving at the wedding. He was curled under his blankets when his

phone rang for the nth time that day. He was about to shut down his phone because the calls wouldn't stop and it was already so annoying for him when it rang again, and this time it was from an unknown number.

“U-uhm... H-hello is this Park Chanyeol?” the speaker on the other line stuttered.

“Yes I'm the Great Park Chanyeol who the fuck is this I don't have time for any bullshit right now so could you just say what you wan-”

“T-this is B-baekhyun”


Chanyeol's face unconsciously lightened up and his lips curled into a smirk. Ofcourse I wasn't wrong when I thought you would crawl back to me

“Oh! Byun Babe! You have finally called! Wow it took you two weeks to realize you could not resist me? So what, have you already decided to move in with me and pretend to be my boyfriend?”, Chanyeol boastfully said. He heard a scoff before Baekhyun spat, “Excuse me but for your information Mr. Park

Chanyeol, I didn't call to boost your self-confidence so don't be so full of yourself. I called because I just want you to know that I already say yes to your proposal so just pick me up here at my apartment so I could already move in there, would you?”

Baekhyun mentally patted himself at the back for having the courage to spat back at the giant even though he felt like he was already swallowing his pride with regards to accepting the offer. He slightly felt victorious because at last he now has a place to go and he wouldn't be a hobo and-

“What Byun Babe? You expect me, the Great Park Chanyeol, to go and pick you up there? What are you? A princess? No way!”

Baekhyun almost lost his patience but then he retorted, “So what now Babe? You wouldn't pick up your boyfriend? Maybe I should just go tell the whole world that you really don't have a boyfr-”

“Aish! Okay! Okay! You win Byun Babe! Text me your fucking address and I'll pick you up princess”,

Chanyeol said exasperatedly. He almost choked on his saliva when Baekhyun called him Babe (for the first time) but he can't afford to let him go because he still needed the boy in his plan.

After an hour or so of driving and bickering, the two had safely arrived at Chanyeol's penthouse. Baekhyun's eyes went wide as he saw how beautiful Chanyeol's place was. It was his first time to see such a huge place.

“Wow...” he muttered.

“So this would gonna be your place for a while. Like it, Byun Babe?” Chanyeol said while grinning, well he couldn't help it but find Baekhyun's reaction cute. It was the first time for a while that Baekhyun had seen Chanyeol smiling, well grinning actually and he was blinded for a while. He thought that Chanyeol looked cute and he looked better if he's smiling, but he would never say that out loud.

Baekhyun was still in a dazed state because of his amazement at Chanyeol's house (and maybe Chanyeol's billion-watt smile as well) when the latter suddenly spoke, “Well now that you are here, might as well make you informed about our agreement. You just have to pretend as my boyfriend until my grandma goes back to America, but before that I should be able to convince her not to put me into blind dates and arranged marriage anymore. Is that a deal Baekhyun?”

Chanyeol grinned whilst making a hand shake gesture that Baekhyun couldn't help but to burst out laughing. “Why the fuck are you even laughing at me?” Chanyeol aksed while trying to look as serious as he could be.

“Seriously Park Chanyeol? A handshake? That was so lame hahaha” Baekhyun replied as he was clutching his stomach because of too much laughing. “Yah! That wasn't lame you know! Everything that Park Chanyeol does is cool!”

The laughter booming through out the penthouse lasted for more seconds until Baekhyun realized the pout on Chanyeol's face that made him stop from laughing. He actually found it cute but he threw the thought out of his mind. “You know what Chanyeol-ssi, a handshake to seal our agreement isn't enough.

We need to make a contract for this.” Chanyeol felt somehow stupid for not being able to think of making a contract. He cursed at himself inwardly because he somehow lost his cool there. “T-that was really my idea okay! Actually I have made one but it got lost but don't worry I have papers here and we would just write it then I would print a formal copy then--”

“You don't have to print we could just do it by writing, you know to save time and energy?” Baekhyun cut him off and now all he could was to force a smile and nod. “Y-yes! You're actually right for once Byun Babe! Wait for a minute I'll just get papers so we could start this shit” Chanyeol sprinted to his room to get those fucking papers and save him from humiliating his handsome self because damn it, Park Chanyeol never loses his cool.

A few minutes later, Chanyeol came back with those papers and hurried to Baekhyun. “Shall we get this started Byun Babe?”

It took them five rounds of rock paper scissors to actually determine who would be the one making the rules on the contract and Baekhyun just groaned in defeat when Chanyeol wailed as he won and stuck his tongue out at Baekhyun. But after Baekhyun's bargain of having at least 2 of the rules from him, Chanyeol had no choice but to approve because he was (kind of) a gentleman like that.

“Okay! I'm done!” Chanyeol victoriously shouted then shoved the paper infront of Baekhyun's face. He then took the time to read the three rules made by Chanyeol, scoffing and making disgusted faces as he read each one of them.

“Wait! Now that I have read your rules, I'll just add mine okay?” Baekhyun enthusiastically said which Chanyeol replied with an annoyed “yes”. When Baekhyun was finished, Chanyeol stole the paper right away and looked at the rules made by Baekhyun.

thou shall not call Byun Baekhyun as Byun Babe, What the fuck is this? I'm sorry but this rule is nonsense and the other one wow your rates are high as if you are really a princess Byun”


“No buts Baekhyun. You are now living under my roof so my rules are my rules. Please change your nonsense rule okay?” Baekhyun just let out an indignant puff as he succumbed to the giant traitor's command.

The moment he was done revising his rules, Chanyeol looked at him expectantly then spoke, “Okay so now that you are finally done, let us review the rules of our contract.

Rules of Korea's Hottest Park Chanyeol and Princess Byun Baekhyun

5. no boyfriend/girlfriend or dating anyone until the agreement ends

4. no invasion of privacy (especially Park Chanyeol's room)

3. no intimate contact unless it is needed for the act

if intimate contact was done, Park Chanyeol would pay additional money to Byun Baekhyun

30,000 won - holding hands

50,000 won - any body contact (shoulder, waist, etc)

70,000 won - kiss on the cheek

100,000 won - kiss on the lips

2. Baekhyun shall not be called Byun Babe stupid Park Chanyeol shall do the stupid dishes every dinner

1. Byun Baekhyun should not fall in love with the handsome Park Chanyeol

P.S. Whoever disobey any rule should dance to SNSD

“Why the fuck do I have to do the dishes damn it! And SNSD? Seriously?” Chanyeol protested as he saw the revised rule by Baekhyun. “At least my rule has sense unlike your number one rule.” Baekhyun retorded then stuck out his tongue.

“Ugh, whatever!”

Despite his hatred of washing the dishes, Chanyeol couldn't do anything but to sign the contract because he was really that desperate to be free from his family's constant shit about him getting married. Baekhyun was also desperate because this is the only way thay could provide him a shelter to live in and actual food to eat.

Speaking of food, Baekhyun hasn't eaten since the day started and his stomach was grumbling. “Uhm. do you have any food there?” He asked shyly. “Just look there in the kitchen” Chanyeol replied without looking back as he was busy flipping through channels on the tv.

Minutes later, Chanyeol heard his stomach grumble when he smelled something from the kitchen. Wow I didn't know Byun Babe could cook

He followed the smell and there he saw Baekhyun's back, untangling the apron from his nape. The sight looked so sensual to Chanyeol that he had to look away. Yeah it must be because I'm hungry already

Chanyeol didn't want to admit it but Baekhyun's kimchi fried rice was actually delicious. He haven't thought that the boy could really cook. He was cut off from his thoughts when Baekhyun caught his attention.

“Hey Byun, do you always eat like a pig?” Chanyeol commented, looking amused. Baekhyun had looked up from his bowl, obviously unaware that he was eating like a man starved for days. “Uhm. I-i haven't eaten since morning t-that's why” He muttered in a barely audible voice, suddenly embarrassed.

Chanyeol was taken aback by the boy's confession. He didn't know what was Baekhyun going through, but he somehow felt pity for him.

“Just kidding! Haha” Chanyeol suddenly shouted then awkwardly laughed. His deep voice boomed throughout the penthouse. He was just trying to ease up the tension and not hurt the other boy's feelings, he actually thought that what he did was lame but deemed it was alright when he saw Baekhyun's small smile.

Even if the day ended with him getting pruny hands from washing the dishes for the first time, Chanyeol thought that maybe having Baekhyun around isn’t that bad.

A week has passed and Baekhyun was busying himself with household chores, well Chanyeol told him so, but even though, he would still be willing to clean the house because it was the least he could do to repay Chanyeol besides from actually acting as his boyfriend. On the other hand, Chanyeol came back to office and as he expected, he got a lot of talk from his father about the wedding fiasco. He visited his family and he told them about Baekhyun. He was expecting them to be mad and disgusted when they knew he was gay (well pretending to be) but they just calmly accepted it and what surprised him more was when they suddenly wanted to meet Chanyeol's boyfriend.

Baekhyun was busy sweeping the floor when Chanyeol suddenly came home. “Oh! Chanyeol-ssi! Why are you so early today?” Baekhyun asked. “I really came home early because we are going out today. So

go get dressed.” Baekhyun absentmindedly nodded, actually surprised that Chanyeol was taking him out for today. What has gotten into that giant?

As it turned out to be, Chanyeol brought him into a mall. He first brought Baekhyun into a shop full of branded clothes. “Uhm. Ch-chanyeol-ssi, why are we here?” Baekhyun curiously asked while following Chanyeol like a puppy inside the store. “Ofcourse to buy you clothes Byun Babe! You can't face my family wearing your old-fashioned clothes.” Face his family? Baekhyun shuddered at the thought. They haven't started acting out as a couple and he was also nervous of actually meeting Chanyeol's family. It would be the first time he would be introduced to someone's parents and heck, Kris didn't even introduced him to his parents.

As if the world was conspiring against him, he suddenly saw a tall blonde who looked exactly like Kris. But as the figure walked closer, he realized it was really Kris, checking out clothes with a girl that looked like his wife. All the blood flowing from his body drained when he saw Kris. He was stilled in his spot, but then he really didn't want Kris to see him and shit, he was about to go his direction and-

“Hey Byun Babe, are you okay?” Chanyeol suddenly nudged him that shook him out of his reverie. “Uhm.

L-let's go s-somewhere else I--


Oh Shit

Baekhyun was frozen on his spot when he heard Kris calling his name. Kris was thankfully alone, but this didn't stop Baekhyun from wanting the floor to crack open and eat him whole just to get away from seeing the bastard's face. Baekhyun was just staring as Kris was walking towards them, making Chanyeol curious as to what was happening.

“Who is he?” Kris said with a slight glare at Chanyeol that made Baekhyun scoff on the inside because the bastard even had the nerve to ask like he was jealous.

“I'm Park Chanyeol, Baekhyun’s boyfriend” Chanyeol said as he suddenly placed his hand on Baekhyun's waist, startling Baekhyun, as he offered his free hand to Kris for a handshake. Kris took it, gripping Chanyeol's hand tightly while looking at Baekhyun, which made the latter uncomfortable. After the handshake, Kris turned to Baekhyun and held his arm. “Look, I'm sorry Baek-”

Kris was cut off when Chanyeol had yanked off Kris' hand from Baekhyun's arm. The latter stared in shock at Chanyeol, at the same time confused.

“Sorry for being rude but me and my babe have a lot to do so we gotta go. Nice meeting you.” Chanyeol spat while sporting a fake smile at Kris, walking away and dragging a dumbfounded Baekhyun with him.

part ii

Tags: !entryfic, g: fluff, l: twoshot, p: chanbaek, r: pg
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